Wednesday, December 22, 2010


That's right...on Tuesday, December 21st...we found out we are having a GIRL! We are beyond excited! My Mom, Dad, Kaitie, Ryker, Kelly, and Kevin all came to share this special day with us. We were all taken back to the ultrasound room. At first our little girl was so shy and did not want to show herself! She was crossing her legs. She would not move. The ultrasound tech had me lay on my side. She tried and tried to see, but our little one did not want anyone to see. The tech had me go to the bathroom to see if that would maybe help. While in the bathroom I wiggled and jumped up and down (what my sister did to help her little one move so they could see the gender). I came back and.... NO LUCK! The tech was sweet and told us that we could go see the doctor and then after that appointment we could come back and try again. Well, by this time my mom, dad, and Kelly had to get going. We had our appointment and then got called back to the ultrasound room. I really hoped she would cooperate this time. Well, almost immediately upon the ultrasound tech putting the instrument on my tummy she said, It's a GIRL! I guess she was just too shy in front of grandma and grandpa! :-) We are so in love with our little princess! We went to lunch afterwards and that night bought her first outfit and went to dinner! What an amazing day! Full of love and celebration!

So anxious to find out!
Yay! It's a girl!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Bump Alert!

17 weeks!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Graduate!

My amazing hubby graduated from ASU! I am sooooo extremely proud of him! He has worked very hard and has accomplished so much! He worked (A LOT) on top of going to school and was still able to graduate with his bachelors in 4 yrs! I love you sweetheart and can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!

On the BIG screen!

With Mom and Dad Kuzdas

With Mom and Dad Wray

With Cody and Kristell

With Kaitie, Ryker, and Kevin (we missed you Austin)

With Kelly and Kevin

MY Graduate! :-)

At delicious Monti's to celebrate!

Fun gift basket I made for my graduate

Thank you to everyone for coming and for all your sweet and thoughtful gifts! But, most importantly...a HUGE thank you to everyone for their love and support through this part of our journey! We couldn't have done it without you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Bump Alert!

16 Weeks!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Happy Happy Birthday!

My sweet, sweet hubby turned the big 2-5, quarter of a century!! :-) I love you so much Ken! You are my everything and I hope you had an amazing birthday!

Cheesecake I made for him!

Candles are lit!

Hope your wish comes true! :-)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Turkey Day! We sure had a fun filled and busy Thanksgiving weekend! This year was the year to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We headed up to Utah to have the big dinner at my Uncle Ben's house! It was a BIG party and we had lots of family there! It was great! And a huge thank you to my Uncle Roger and his wife for letting us stay with them!

Our mini photo shoot! Thanks Kelly! haha!

Our cute little baby is in there!


My cute sister Kelly!

My handsome brother Kevin!

Lovin' the snow!


Love my mom and dad!

Nana and Grandpa (my dad's parents)

Thanksgiving dinner!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did! :-)

And... very first maternity pics! :-) 14 weeks!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Little Gummy Bear!

Having this little sweet child inside of me is the best feeling in the whole world! Wow! I was sooooo extremely nervous to go into the appointment. I had the biggest fear that something would be wrong...worrying that we wouldn't hear the heart. I had my hubby say a prayer with me before we went into the appointment. She did the ultrasound and there it was...our little gummy bear! And we were able to see and hear a strong heart 158bpm! It was incredible...and of course, I was emotional...but, was my sweetheart! It was the most amazing feeling in the world! Wow! And we were told I was 7w 5d! We were even given pictures of our little gummy bear to take home! What an amazing day!

After the appointment we headed over to Souper Salad for a YUMMY lunch...I love me some salad! an added little bonus to the day, afterwards, we were able to go down to ASU and register my hubby to graduate! Woohoo! Look at this cutie...

Saturday, October 2, 2010


That's right...after a long, long journey of trying for almost 2 years, lots of medication, tests, a surgery...WE ARE EXPECTING! But, more importantly than all of the medical steps we took to get to this point...we took many spiritual steps. A lot of prayers, fasting, trips to the temple including all of those from our family members on our behalf. We truly are so blessed!

Early morning of September 29th, 2010. Several weeks prior to this date I had taken a pregnancy test and to no surprise it was negative. However, with me still being late a few weeks later, we decided I should take another one. Of course, I was prepared for the same...negative. To our complete surprise we looked down at that little test and saw a POSITIVE SIGN! Standing in our little bathroom, I could not believe my eyes! I just couldn't believe it! It was the most incredible feeling! Crying, excitement, squeezing my sweetheart, enjoying that moment together...everything bundled into one little piece of time! For the longest time I had it all planned out how I would want to tell my parents when I finally and if I did get pregnant. Well, all those ideas were thrown out the window that morning! I was too excited to hold off and not say anything! So, there I am at about 6:45 in the morning, calling my family before I headed to work! I just can't even describe how I felt that day. And just to be sure, the next morning...I think I woke up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning... I decided to take another test. And again, POSITIVE! That Friday I went into the fertility specialist's office to get my blood drawn...which, checks the HCG levels and confirms pregnancy. They called me that afternoon saying that my HCG level was great and indeed I am pregnant. Those words were music to my ears! It was official! Well, after talking with the lady about the results, we scheduled an appointment for this coming Friday to have our first ultrasound! I still can't even believe it! AMAZING!

Both positive tests!

My sweetheart bought me roses! This picture is taken on the day we found out for sure the bloodwork was positive! :-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

My sweetheart has been wanting to go camping/fishing for the longest time. So, we finally took a weekend and went with our fun friends, Jared and Candace, and set out to the black river! It was beautiful, to say the least! We set up our tents and did a little fishing the first night. Then, the next day hiked a ways to the good spots! Scary though...we ran into a rattlesnake while hiking! I can't remember how many I caught...around 10 or so. But, my hubby caught something like 25! It was so much fun to get out and enjoy the beauty of our earth!

Bear claw prints! of our poles broke. I kept on getting the hook stuck in rocks, seaweed, etc. Woops!

Beautiful! (and don't you love my hubby's fisherman hat...too cute)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Eve! First stop was with my family! Ever since I can remember we have the tradition of:

First, enjoying a delicious dinner (usually at one of our favorites, Carrabbas). Then, we head back to my parent's house. Before opening any gifts my dad gets out the scriptures and reads us the story of Christ's birth. It is such a special time with our family all gathered together enjoying the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. And it has become even more and more special as our family grows and we get to share this tradition with our spouses. After that we have fun taking turns (youngest to oldest of course :-) )opening our "boots" (as we call them..."stockings" as others may call them). My parents always spoil us! The gifts alone we receive on Christmas Eve are incredible and then we still have Christmas morning to look forward to! We get fun things like gift cards, ALWAYS an electric tooth brush, socks for the boys, yummy shampoo and conditioner for the girls, candy, etc etc! And then, we all get new P.J.'s! We all go to sleep that night in our new comfy pajamas and then wear them all day, everywhere on Christmas Day! Thank you mom and dad for an absolutely AMAZING Christmas Eve!

After spending time with my family we headed over to be with Ken's family! Their tradition is that they go out to dinner and then look at Christmas lights, while Santa is leaving all the gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's house! It is so cute to see how excited all of the little grandkids get! First, all of the grandkids get to open their gifts (youngest to oldest...of course). Then the adults get a turn (you guessed it...youngest to oldest...this is where it comes in handy to be the youngest adult on his side...hee hee). We were also very spoiled at his parents. And one of our favorite gifts of all is the monopoly type money we get that is going toward our Hawaii trip (all of the adults: Ken and I, his siblings and their spouses, and Ken's parents are going) this coming summer! Woohoo! This is the third Christmas we have been putting money towards this trip and we could not be more excited! Thank you mom and dad K! All of us kids pitched in and got Ken's mom a Kindle (she is an avid reader and had been really wanting this)! However, no one could have topped the gift Ken's dad got for her...ROCKBAND for their Wii! She was thrilled! It was too funny! And needless to say, Ken, me, Ken's mom and dad stayed up for soooo long that night trying it out!

Thank you to everyone for such a special night! We love you!

*And, to 4 out of Ken's 5 sisters (only 1 of his sisters and her family still live here): We missed you and your families!!!