Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Eve! First stop was with my family! Ever since I can remember we have the tradition of:

First, enjoying a delicious dinner (usually at one of our favorites, Carrabbas). Then, we head back to my parent's house. Before opening any gifts my dad gets out the scriptures and reads us the story of Christ's birth. It is such a special time with our family all gathered together enjoying the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. And it has become even more and more special as our family grows and we get to share this tradition with our spouses. After that we have fun taking turns (youngest to oldest of course :-) )opening our "boots" (as we call them..."stockings" as others may call them). My parents always spoil us! The gifts alone we receive on Christmas Eve are incredible and then we still have Christmas morning to look forward to! We get fun things like gift cards, ALWAYS an electric tooth brush, socks for the boys, yummy shampoo and conditioner for the girls, candy, etc etc! And then, we all get new P.J.'s! We all go to sleep that night in our new comfy pajamas and then wear them all day, everywhere on Christmas Day! Thank you mom and dad for an absolutely AMAZING Christmas Eve!

After spending time with my family we headed over to be with Ken's family! Their tradition is that they go out to dinner and then look at Christmas lights, while Santa is leaving all the gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's house! It is so cute to see how excited all of the little grandkids get! First, all of the grandkids get to open their gifts (youngest to oldest...of course). Then the adults get a turn (you guessed it...youngest to oldest...this is where it comes in handy to be the youngest adult on his side...hee hee). We were also very spoiled at his parents. And one of our favorite gifts of all is the monopoly type money we get that is going toward our Hawaii trip (all of the adults: Ken and I, his siblings and their spouses, and Ken's parents are going) this coming summer! Woohoo! This is the third Christmas we have been putting money towards this trip and we could not be more excited! Thank you mom and dad K! All of us kids pitched in and got Ken's mom a Kindle (she is an avid reader and had been really wanting this)! However, no one could have topped the gift Ken's dad got for her...ROCKBAND for their Wii! She was thrilled! It was too funny! And needless to say, Ken, me, Ken's mom and dad stayed up for soooo long that night trying it out!

Thank you to everyone for such a special night! We love you!

*And, to 4 out of Ken's 5 sisters (only 1 of his sisters and her family still live here): We missed you and your families!!!