Monday, November 17, 2008

Caves n' Camping

Last weekend we headed over to Oracle caves with some friends! We got there late, set up camp and had a fun time roasting up some marshmallows, enjoying tasty pancakes, stacking up some sandwiches, and the boys fired up the grill for some yummy hot dogs! We also climbed around in some scary caves and rolled in style on a quad (my first time...SO FUN!).

After crawling through the dirty/muddy caves!
The girls!

*Thanks Bonnie for letting me steal your pics! We still haven't got our old school disposable ones developed yet! Ha! Ha! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Belated Halloween Post! :)

I'm a teensy bit late on posting these pics, but better late than never right? :) I can't believe how fast the holidays are coming and going! And this is the BUSIEST time of year for school...clinicals, papers, and project fun! I am counting down the days to winter break! I hope everyone is enjoying this FUN FALL!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ken, my family, and I all had a blast going up to Utah to visit Kaits! I miss you Kaitie! It was a nice long, fun drive! :) And we were so happy to get there! Especially after leaving at 3:45 in the morning from Las Vegas! Thank you Cam & Afton for letting us stay those two nights!

With Nana & Grandpa
Partying it up @ East High!

Beautiful fall leaves!
Ready to Rock n' Bowl!
Beautiful Kaitie and I...I miss my sister... :(
I LOVE my family!

Gotta love it --- High School Musical 3!!

Kaitie's YUMMY birthday lunch!


the end! :)